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Welcome to the 13th Conference of the Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia! The theme for the Conference is Future Roads – Safer, Greener and Smarter.

As the theme indicates, this conference has been prepared to explore and arrange the ideas and thoughts on the future direction of development in road and road transport sectors. In fact, various research projects are being conducted globally to find better ways and technologies for faster and safer movement of people and goods in a eco- friendly and more convenient manner. It is also important to put the ideas and thoughts together to maximize synergy. We are confident that this conference would be one of excellent opportunities for participants from around the world to enhance knowledge, to share information, to develop and expand network.

Approximately 300 technical papers in seventeen subject areas are qualified for presentation. These papers had been submitted by professionals from 21 countries such as Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Iran, Taiwan, Singapore, Bangladesh, Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, China, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Egypt, New Zealand, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia. We appreciate your contribution to the success of the conference.

Congratulations to the winners of the Katahira Awards!!!

I thank the members of the Screening Panel and the chairs for their invaluable time and effort. I wish all those involved a great experience in Incheon, Korea.

Thank you very much.

Kyong-Soo Yoo

President, REAAA


Transportation & Traffic Engineering(inc. Network Planning, Public Transportation)

Environment and Sustainability

Road Policy and Economics

Bridge and Structural Engineering

Road Construction & Maintenance

Road Safety

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Future of Road

Pavement Technology

Tunnel and Geotechnical Engineering

Disaster Management

Project Management and Financing

Special Session- Incheon Grand Bridge

Special Session- Design Value Engineering

Special Session- SMART Highway