26/08 (An Interim Guide on Standard Bill of Quantities)

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C23 NTJ 26 08.pdf
This Nota Teknik (Jalan) is a compilation of Standard Bill of Quantities for Road and Bridge Works. It is intended as a practical guide for highway and transport engineers in Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia and Engineering consultants.
This Nota Teknik (Jalan) will be reviewed and updated from time to time to cater for the change on policies and current requirements. This document will be discussed further and finalised before being upgraded as part of Arahan Teknik (Jalan) Series of Technical Documents. In this respect any comments and feedback on this Nota Teknik (Jalan) should be forwarded to:-
Seksyen Standard dan Spesifikasi
Unit Keselamatan Jalan
Cawangan Kejuruteraan Jalan & Geoteknik
Ibu Pejabat JKR Malaysia
Tingkat 14 Menara Tun Razak
Jalan Raja Laut
50350 Kuala Lumpur
This Nota Teknik (Jalan) make reference where relevant to current documents in the Arahan Teknik (Jalan) series and are intended to supplement and otherwise assist in their interpretation and application. Discretion and judgment should be exercised in the light of many factors which may influence the choice of technical selection in any given situation.


  1. Introduction
  2. Summary Of Tender
  3. Standard Bill Of Quantities
  4. Bill No. I -General Item
  5. Bill No. 2 - Site Clearance & Demolition Works
  6. Bill No. 3 - Earthworks
  7. Bill No. 4 - Drainage Works
  8. Bill No. 5 - Pavement works
  9. Bill No. 6 -Road Furniture
  10. Bill No. 7- Geotechnical Works
  11. Bill No. 8 - Structures 
    A) Bil No. 8.1 Bridge Works
    i) Temporary Crossing
    ii) Piling Works
    iii) Substructure
    iv) Abutment
    v) Approach Road & Pavement
    vi) Miscellaneous Works

    B) Bil No. 8.2 - Culvert (3.0m and above) & Vehicular Underpass
    C) Bil No. 8.3 - Pedestrian Bridge
    D) Summary
  12. Bill No. 9 - Traffic Management and Control
  13. Bill No. 10 - Environmental Protection Works
  14. Bill No. 11 - Routine Maintenance Works
  15. Bill No. 12 - Provisional Sum