Automated Enforcement System Speed Related Evaluation, Preliminary Study, (International Engineering Convention, Damascus, Syria, 11-14 May 2009)

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The fatality figure due to road accident in Malaysia fluctuates at around 6000 deaths a year since the year 2000. The figure is alarming and the government is adamant to reduce it to save more lives. From the accident data obtained, 24.4% of the fatal accidents are classified as out of control type of accident [1]. The out of control accident is the indication that the accident is due to speeding, showing that speeding is the highest factor contributing to fatal accident leading to death. Here, an intervention to overcome speeding problem is very important. Studies have shown the implementation of electronic enforcement was proven in reducing the speed profile and accidents related to speed in developed country. Hence the government has decided to implement the program, Automated Enforcement System (AES), in Malaysia. A study to evaluate the effectiveness of AES has been carried out. The locations of speed related problem was determined using the year 2005 accident data as the locations for AES. The evaluation study was carried out by using quasi experimental design study with three indicators to determine the AES effectiveness. The three indicators are the speed profile, the accident data and perception of being caught level. Sample size of 58 locations for evaluation study has been determined using stratified sampling technique. The expected result from this study is to see reductions in speed and accidents and fatalities due to speeding related accidents.


Automated Enforcement System, speed, speed camera

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