Dec 2007 - Vol.14 No.2

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  • Editorial 
  • Road Trauma in the Region - Avoiding a Pandemic*
  • A Comparison of the Performance of Jointed Concrete and Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements in Korea*
  • Asset Management for Roads in Asia and Australasia*
  • Road Sector Thrusts and Directions in the Philippines*
  • Comments by HORA Members on Keynote/Plenary Papers Presented at 12th REAAA Conference* 
  • Keynote Address: 7th Malaysian Roads Conference*
  • Privatization of Road Facilities: Report on Responses to HORA Questionnaire


Journa14 dec07.pdf
The REAAA Governing Council, working with the Katahira Fund Committee and the Technical Committee, has developed a proposal for the funding of an award for authors of original papers published in the REAAA Journal. It will be known as the ‘Katahira Journal Award’. The entry conditions will be announced on the REAAA website shortly. It is hoped that the Award will encourage the submission of quality original papers for consideration for publication in the Journal.

This issue of the REAAA Journal contains the three keynote papers presented at the 12th REAAA Conference in Manila in November 2006:

  • Road Trauma in the Region – Avoiding a Pandemic, by Professor Ian Johnston
  • Asset Management for Roads in Asia and Australasia, by Mr Tyrone Toole
  • A Comparison of the Performance of Jointed Concrete and Continuously
  • Reinforced Concrete Pavements in Korea, by Professor Young-Chan Suh.

These papers were later presented at the 6th Heads of Road Authority (HORA) meeting,

held during the Conference. In addition, Mr Hermogenes E. Ebdane of the Department of Public Works and Highways, Philippines, presented details to the HORA meeting of the ‘2005-2010 Medium Term Development Plan Infrastructure Policies and Strategies’, the aim of which is to improve public access to activities, goods and services through the preservation, improvement and expansion of the national road network in a cost-effective and environment-friendly manner which also enhances its operation, safety and efficiency. This presentation is also included in this issue of the Journal.

HORA members were invited to provide feedback on the four presentations, particularly with respect to experiences in their own countries. Comment was provided by delegates representing Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Tonga. The comments provided, and a summary of common issues, are presented in this edition of the Journal.

Also included in this edition of the Journal is the Keynote Address to the 7th Malaysian

Roads Conference, held in Kuala Lumpur in July 2007, by Mr Lai Khin Onn on behalf of YB Dato’ Seri S Samy Vellu, the Honourable Minister of Works, Malaysia. The thrust of road development under the current Ninth Malaysia Plan (2006-2010) is on increasing road network coverage, optimising the use of existing facilities and increasing accessibility to rural areas, particularly those areas with potential for tourism, agriculture development and rural growth centres. Upgrading the quality and efficiency of the services provided will also be given due emphasis. This will be achieved through increased investment in research, improved technologies, infrastructure management and human resource development.

It was agreed at the 5th HORA meeting in Manila in November 2006 that a HORA

Advisory Panel should be established to formulate guidelines, policies and practices on the privatisation of expressways/highways. The role of the Panel is to:

  • develop procedures for privatisation, taking Malaysia’s experience as the base, and the best practices of other countries
  • identify important points to be included in the concession agreement
  • provide general advisory services on matters referred to the Panel on the privatisation of highways/expressways, within the scope of the Panel, by highway authorities or relevant agencies or bodies in the Asian and Australasian region.

At the meeting, it was agreed that the Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA) would compile a ‘Handbook on the Privatisation of Highways’ addressing these issues. To this end, the MHA developed a questionnaire which was distributed to HORA delegates. A total of 13 responses were received from 12 countries and the findings were presented to the 6 th HORA meeting in Seoul in May 2007. The findings are presented in this issue of the Journal. The full responses to the questionnaire will be lodged on the REAAA Website.

The Editorial Panel continues to seek papers and technical notes for publication in the Journal. The membership of the Editorial Panel follows. REAAA members interested in submitting a paper should seek advice from the appropriate member(s) of the Editorial Panel. The Panel is striving to publish at least one paper from each Chapter or region each year.

Kieran Sharp
Chairman REAAA Technical Committee

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