Developing Road Safety GIS-based System : The Malaysian Experience, (14th International Conference and exhibition on GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing and Allied Technologies and Applications, Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau City, Vietnam, 21-23 October, 2008)

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Efforts in expanding the analytical features of road information system with spatial component is one of the continuing goals of applying the by integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) capabilities.
One of the continuing goals of applying the GIS into road safety research is to encourage the relevant departments of transportation and metropolitan planning organizations to explore the capabilities of GISbased road safety analysis tools and to adapt those ideas and applications to fit their particular needs.
Application of GIS for road safety increases the ability to access and analyze spatially distributed data with respect to its actual spatial location overlaid on a base map of the area of coverage that allows analysis not possible with the other database management systems.
This CRASH Database contains information that will be the basis of studies and research conducted in MIROS that will enable analyses and policies to be based on scientific data. The Database will increase ease of data sharing among departments for design and implementation of road safety measures. Data will be organized systematically and be readily available for constant updates / maintenance of accident information by a multi-disciplinary team.
Organizations in collaboration with MIROS benefit from this Database as there is an increase in ability to integrate and contrast/compare with information from worldwide due to the use of internationally renowned methods and software.
The Traffic Branch of Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) will benefit from analyses conducted by MIROS based on the analysed data within the Database. As accident data providers, PDRM can benefit from information translated through the Database system by effective means of enforcement and implementation.

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