Development of Exposure Indicies For Different Types Of Vehicles In Malaysia

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This paper presents estimates from the 2007 travel survey. This study was conducted to develop new road safety index based on vehicle kilometer travel (VKT). Vehicle kilometer travel is the best indicator to measure the level of road safety since increasing numbers of vehicle and numbers of accident in Malaysia. The study was conducted by sending the postcard to vehicle owner, who registered vehicle in 2006. Out of 40,000 respondents being selected, a total of 6864 vehicle owners returned the postcard sent., The information gathered included their driving purpose, income, odometer reading and odometer reading date taken. Respondents have three ways in replying; post back the completed postcard sent, send an email to the given address, or reply through message to the mobile phone. Study results showed that fatality rate in Malaysia for 2007 is 17.6 fatality per billion VKTas compared to the existing road safety index of 22.8 per 100,000 population and 3.73 per 10,000 registered vehicle. The study is more focused at reporting fatalities in relation to the exposure patterns in Malaysia.


vehicle kilometer travel, postcard survey method, exposure

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