Estimating Travel Demand in Putrajaya

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This study is part of a bigger project that examines the risk exposure on the transport network in Putrajaya. In this paper, the travel demand of the commuters in Putrajaya under the effect of economic factors and demand measure was assessed. In addition, the implication of accident occurrence in mode choice was also incorporated in the survey to gauge the degree of influence in mode shift. Based on the data from Revealed Preference and Stated Preference Survey, a multinomial logit (MNL) model was developed. The results suggest that the effect of socioeconomic characteristics of commuters, economic aspects of travel, policy constraint and perceived risk of accidents under hypothetical scenarios have a little impact on the mode choice in Putrajaya. The findings provide some guidance in the planning of policy towards the goal of 30:70 car and public transport share. An important notion was also derived from the empirical results that the low public awareness on the accident occurrence requires additional attention and further exploration from the relevant parties.


Travel demand, mode choice, public transport

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