Evaluation Of Exclusive Motorcycle Lane (EMCL): A Preliminary Finding On Compliancy

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Although exclusive motorcycle lane is effective in reducing motorcycle accidents but its usage level is still unknown. This study gives the preliminary findings on the compliance rate of motorcyclist into the Exclusive Motorcycle Lane (EMCL) at Federal Route 2 (FR2). A total of 10 typical entry points into EMCL was selected for this study to record the volume of motorcyclist entering and using the EMCL during peak and non-peak hours. The results shows that EMCL at FR2 is generally satisfactory in its usage whereby 89.4% motorcyclist use the EMCL during peak hour while 86.1% motorcyclist comply during non-peak hour. This study in the end has open up more gaps for researchers to explore further on the probable road environment and engineering factors that are influencing the compliancy.


compliance, usage, exclusive motorcycle lane.

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