Factors Influencing Compliancy Towards School Zone Speed Limit At Traffic Calmed School Areas

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For many years, speed limit at school zones has been used to protect and improve the safety of children walking to and from school. Since young children tend to lack proper experience in dealing with traffic, a need exists to provide them with safer areas for crossing the street. Despite the presence of traffic calming measures such as transverse bar and hump, the problem of vehicle exceeding the speed limit is still prevalent. Therefore a study was carried out to investigate the effects of other factors that might influence the driving behavior of drivers in the vicinity of schools. The study involved developing a statistical model to determine which of the road attributes that were significant in affecting the speed compliance. Results indicated that school type, area type, road type, increase hump width, the presence of ‘child crossing’ sign and the presence of ‘hump ahead’ sign could significantly improve the likelihood of speed compliance. The model was also found to be 68% accurate in predicting the outcome.

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