Helmet Wearing In Malaysia: Wearing (Including Loose And Untied) Versus Proper Wearing, (International Engineering Convention, Damascus, Syria, 11-14 May 2009)

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Motorcyclists constitute forty-nine percent (49%) of the road user population and 60% of road fatalities involve motorcyclists with head injury being the main cause of death. Compliancy to proper safety helmet use decreases the risk of head injuries by 2.7 times. As part of the Malaysian Road Safety Plan 2006 – 2010, The Community Based Safety Helmet Programme (CBPSH) is an initiative towards promoting increased helmet compliance in Malaysia [1], with the involvement of various government and non-government agencies, through activities such as advocacy, helmet give-aways and enforcement. Percentage of helmet wearing and proper helmet wearing was observed during the programme. Result shows that there is a high percentage of wearing (including loose and untied helmet straps) with up to 98% compliancy. Proper wearing however did not show any significant changes throughout the study.


motorcycle, helmet, community based programme

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