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REAAA Knowledge Hub is an online knowledge repository which enables the REAAA members to search and access the required knowledge as and when required. It can be enriched at any time by authorized REAAA members/contributors where they can add the appropriate knowledge to the REAAA Wiki.

The following content are given emphasis;

Publications.gif Research.gif Disaster thumb.png
Technical Committee Publications Research Disaster Recovery
Based on the Technical Committee (TC) Classification Publications on various topics related to REAAA Research and studies conducted Collection of Disaster Recovery related documents.

Standards.gif Projects.gif Seminar.gif Best-practice.png
Standards and Guidelines Highlighted Projects Seminars and Conferences Statistics
Standards, manuals, handbooks etc. related to REAAA. Projects that are significant in its value. Collection of papers presented at various seminars, conferences, forums, congresses etc. involving members of REAAA. Statistic related information