Modeling the Relationship Between Motorcycle Accidents and Land Use

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Research Officer : Azzuhana Roslan, Rohayu Sarani, Sharifah Allyana Syed Mohamed Rahim

To make roadways safer, the authorities usually look at improving engineering measurements or traffic monitoring. According to the theory reference of urban safety management, land use is one of the policies used to prevent and reduce accidents. Different types of land use activities generate and attract different number of trips and traffic, which in turn have the potential to cause road accidents. This is the importance of coordinating transportation and land use planning decisions which are complementary rather than contradictory. With Klang District as study area, this project intends to investigate any relationship between land use type and motorcycle accidents with focuses on motorcycle killed and serious injuries (m-KSI) data. Pre analysis using GIS technique found even more than 50% of Klang land use covered by green area, more m-KSI prone at land use types which attract or generate traffic such as residential and industries. However, final finding will base on output from Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial analysis technique and statistical method using Generalized Linear Model (GLM) with a set of variables (traffic volume, number of m-KSI and land use).

MKSI distribution in Klang.jpg
m-KSI distribution in Klang (2007-2008)

Project output : 
1. Modeling Land Use-Motorcycle Accidents: Methodology and Data Collection at ROSCON 2011 Conference (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).
2. Land Use-Motorcycle Accidents Modeling: Pre Findings Analysis at Map Malaysia 2011 (Sabah, Malaysia).