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Increasing road accidents is a serious national issue faced by Malaysia. It appears to be on the rise even as the National Road Safety Plan targets a 50% reduction by 2010. The fatalities and economic losses caused by road accidents demand continuous commitment from the government therefore many research are in progress in a concerted effort to make roadways safer either by improving engineering measures or through traffic monitoring and strategic enforcement. Accidents do not occur in a uniform pattern; making it difficult to analyse through the conventional means without sparing the spatial context. Spatial analysis provides user a wider viewpoint on the implementation and measures of safety programs. The “where” would tell effectively the “how” and “what” to focus? Thus a geographical architecture module is a very effective tool for road safety research since the interface is strongly related to maps. Geographic Information System (GIS) strength in providing capabilities to model the spatial features provides a good mechanism to study the distribution and determine the accident characteristics. GIS enables the safety experts to compare accidents along a segment of a road segment with combination of various parameters to gain a better understanding of the relationship of crash incidents and thus its application on road safety intervention. This enables road accidents to be studied within a spatial context to complement the engineering and social aspect of the occurrence. The output will provide a good decision support to the implementation of road safety and intervention program.
This paper provides the GIS research and development program currently carried out in the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) with respect to the above obligation. The GIS application was developed as a modular project. Besides providing spatial analysis; daily, weekly and monthly reporting can be produced using both graphical maps and PDF files for analytical information. The final output and reporting can also be accessed via Web to provide public information to general public.
This system, named MyCRASH (Malaysian Centralised System for Road Accident, Safety And Hazard Studies), has been designed to be accessible to the external parties such as the police and hospitals in order to track road accidents on a GIS system and to produce detailed reporting for decision support. The interface requires minimal GIS and high technical skills to users.

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