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RE:Notice of 94th Meeting of REAAA Governing Council

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Dear Council Members,

We are pleased to inform  that the 93rd Meeting of the Governing Council is scheduled to be held as follows:-

     Date: 20 April 2012 (Friday)
     Time: 1.30 pm-5.30 pm
     Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

Attached please find:

    • Proposed Agenda
    • Registration Form
    • Hotel registration Form

The 1st Young Professional Meeting is to be held on 20 April 2012 from 9.00-12.30 .

We would appreciate it very much if Council members / special guests / observers could return the completed Registration Form as soon as possible and no later than 30 March 2012 to assist in finalizing the arrangements.

Please return the completed Registration Form by:
Fax: +603 5513 6390 or Email at :[email protected]; cc:[email protected];

Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.