Preliminary Guide to Nurture Green Highway in Malaysia

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 LLM/P/T8 -10 : Preliminary Guide To Nurture Green Highway in Malaysia

The primary objective of this “Preliminary Guide to Nurture Green Highway in Malaysia” is to provide ideas and guidance to the highway designers towards the development of green highway in Malaysia. All the aspects and elements outlined in this guide are still in preliminary stage and the contents will be enhanced in the future. The green highway aspects and elements outline in this guide are mainly extracted from the overseas project and focused in European Country and United States which have been applied to their highway development. To date, there is a few of green highway elements that has been applied in Malaysia such as porous asphalt, swale, concrete pavement, wildlife crossing and pavement recycling. This guide shall be used by the designers in the future development and hope that some aspects of green highway will be applied.

for full text, please purchase this document at the LLM website here