Road Traffic Injury Prevention Study (RTRIPS)

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Status of Research : Ongoing in 2010 - initiated in 2009

Research Officer: HizalHanis Bin Hashim, Rohayu Binti Sarani, Sharifah Allyana Binti Syed Mohamed Rahim, Wan Tahirah Binti Ibrahim, Norlen Bin Mohamed

Throughout the years, road crashes data collected by the Malaysian traffic police has been the main data source for road safety analysis. However, complete injury details are often lacking and these details are essential to perform in depth analysis especially for post-crash and road injury research. To bridge the gap, the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) with cooperation from Ministry of Health (MOH) through Clinical Research Centre (CRC) has initiated a study entitled Road Traffic Injury Prevention Study (R-TRIPS) to collect detailed road injuries data from six hospitals around Klang Valley. Details on road injuries were collected and coded into Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) for anatomical injury assessment and Injury Severity Score (ISS) were calculated. Five months data collection reveals a total of 14,196 victims were enrolled, of which 303 (2.13%) were major trauma (ISS ≥ 12).Preliminary findings from the data have equipped researchers and road safety professionals on new intelligence that can be used to formulate better policies and impactful intervention on road safety. The addition of hospital injury data to the existing police crash data would provide better understanding on road safety issues thus will materialize the aspiration of the country in heightening up road safety standards and to reduce the overall road crash casualties.