Safety Effects of Traffic Signal Optimization on Red Light Running and Potential Vehicle Conflict at Signalized Intersection

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Research Officer: Norfaizah Binti MohamadKhaidir, Nusayba Binti Megat Johari, Ramizam Bin Noor Zaman

Red light running is one of the critical road safety problems in Malaysia that warrants our attention. According to the 2009 accident data from Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), a total of 397,330 accidents occur in Malaysia and 1,038 accidents happened at signalised control type intersections. Red light running problems have resulted in 80 motorist fatalities and 908 serious injuries in that year. Review of 3 years (2005-2007) worth of crash data in Malaysia showed that Motorcyclists are more likely to be involved and injured in accidents at signalised intersection accounting to 50% from total accidents at signalised intersection. The objective of this study is to examine the effects on red light compliance as a result of optimising the existing traffic signal operation. A total of six (6) intersections with pre-determined criteria in Selangor (PersiaranKemajuanBangi, PekanSemenyih, PekanDengkil, JalanKajang-Dengkil, Sabak Bernam 1 and SabakBernam 2) are included in the study. Baseline data collection was conducted from 5 Jan 2010 until 6 April 2010 where a total of 146,563vehicles were observed. Data collection are categorised into four categories; geometric data of the intersection, traffic signal operation data (phasing and timing), traffic operation data (volume) and violation data. Pre Result shows that red light running has a relationship with several factors; period (peak or off peak), vehicle type (car, motorcycle or lorry), intersection type (3-legged or 4-legged), level of service, and vehicle movement direction (through or turning).


Accident Data Year 2005-2007 which demonstrates that Red Light Running Offence account for 16% from the total number of accident at signalized intersection.

Performance analysis SIDRA.jpg

Example of Performance analysis using SIDRA Intersection Software

Project output: Red Light Running: Current Condition In Malaysia - Preliminary Data Findings

(Poster Presenter at MIROS Road Safety Conference (ROSCON) 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)