Standard Specification for Road Works: Section 8: Traffic Signal System (JKR/SPJ/S8-2008)

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D2 JKR SPJ 2008 S8.pdf

As practices in road construction change over time, it is imperative for Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) Public Works Department of Malaysia to continuously update and improve their standard specifications. These new specifications are not only aimed at keeping abreast with current technologies but also helping in improving the quality of constructed product. In uriisOlll these new specifications have a significant positive impacl on the construction industry especially with the incorporation of new products and technologies. Standard Specitication for Road Works is an essential component in the road infrastructure construction industry, This specification provides an improved guidance in the material selection and the production of good quality workmanship and products, based on current best practices. The purpose of this standard spccitication is to establish uniformity in road works to be used by road designers, road authorities, rnanufacturers and suppliers of road related products. This document "Standard Specification for Road Works - Section 8: Traffic Signal System" is a part
of a series of improved specifications in the Standard Specification for Road Works. The compilation of this document was carried out through Illany discussions by the technical committee members. Additionally it has been reviewed by a group of independent consultants and presented at a technical workshop held on 15 - 17 July 2008. Feedbacks and comments received were carefully considered and incorporated in the specification where appropriate.


This Standard Specification for Road Works - Section 8: Traffic Signal System has been prepared by a technical committee consisting of Civil and Electrical engineers from Cawangan Jalan & Geoteknik, Cawangan Kerja Elektrik and State JKRs. The members of the committee involved in preparing this Standard Specification for Road Works - Section 8: Traffic Signal System are

Committee Members

Ir. Hj. Abdul Rahman B. Baharuddin (Chairperson)    Cawangan Kej. Jalan & Geoteknik
Ir. Sabariah Ste Hussain (Deputy Chairperson)         Cawangan Kerja Elektrik
En. Rijal Nazli B. Sulaiman                                    Cawangan Kej. Jalan & Geoteknik
En. Shahrul Affendy B. Abu Bakar                          Cawangan Kerja Elektrik
En. Abdul Latif B. Sulaiman                                   Cawangan Kerja Elektrik
Pn. Siti Nor Sinti Hassan                                       Cawangan Kerja Bangunan Am.
Ir. Noor Fadzilah Bte Ramlee                                  Cawangan Kerja Elektrik.
En Nooru Alam B. Hj Ambak                                  JKR Elektrik Kedah
Ir. Rozina Ste Sudin                                               JKR Elektrik Perak
Pn Maznida Shahila Bte Mat Salleh                        JKR Elektrik Negeri Sembilan
Pn Siti Norleha Ste Rasid                                      Cawangan Kej. Jalan & Geoteknik
En Mat Rodi B. Junoh                                           Cawangan Kej . Jalan & Geoteknik

The Committee would also like to thank our colleagues at JKR especially the staffs from Bahagian Keselamatan Jalan (Caw. Kej. Jalan & Geoteknik) who have assisted and contributed towards the successful completion of this specitication.

Table of Contents


  • Scope of Work
  • Design and Construction
    • Contractor's Responsibility
    • Cleanliness
    • Metric Range of Preferred Dimensions
    • Self-Tapping Screws
    • Corrosion
    • Compliance With Manufacturer's Instructions
  • Components and Materials
    • Conditions of Operation
    • Maintenance
    • Components
  • Identification of Equipment
  • Protective Requirements
    • General
    • Insulating Bushes
    • Isolation from Main Supply
    • Earthing of Transformer Secondary Circuits
    • Current Loading of Wires
    • Danger Notices
    • Cable Connecting Units
    • Insulation
  • Electricity Supply
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Documentation
    • As-Installed Drawings, Manuals And Tools
    • Hardware. Software and Maintenance Manual
  • Guarantee of Supply
  • Warranty Period


  • Types of Cables
    • Power Cables
    • Feeder Cables for Vehicle Detectors
    • Loop Cables for Vehicle Detectors
    • Earthing System
  • Cable Termination
  • Cable Jointing
  • Cable and Detector Pit


  • Standard Requirements
  • Optical Requirements
    • Optical Arrangement for Drivers
    • Optical Arrangement for Pedestrians
  • Height of Signal Head
    • Post-Mounted Signal Head Intended For Drivers
    • Signal Head Intended For Pedestrians
    • Overhead Mounted Signal Head
  • Lamps
    • Halogen Lamp
    • LED Signal Module
    • Construction
    • Module Identification
    • Target Boards
    • Digital Countdown Unit


  • Standard Requirements
  • Cable Entry
  • Connecting Facilities for Cables
  • Location and Erection
  • Finish
  • Signal Heads Mounted On Street Lighting Pole
  • Signal Heads Mast Arm and Street Lighting Pole


  • Standard Requirements
  • Location
  • Pedestrian Demand Indicator
  • Audible Signal


  • General Requirements
  • Housing 
  • Controller Mains Supply Panel
  • Facility Switch
  • Pedestrian Facilities
  • Logic Module
    • Microprocessor System
    • Input/Output Interfaces
    • Real Time-of-Day Clock
    • Operator Interface and Controller Display
    • Power 8upply Monitoring 8ystem
  • Battery Back-up System For Traffic Signals utilizing Light Emitting Diodes (LED) Traffic Signal Modules.
    • General
    • Operation
  • Mains Supply Interruptions
  • Inputs
  • Interchangeability
  • Vibration and Noise
  • Radio Interference
  • Safety
  • Timing
  • Sequence of phasing


  • Standard Requirements
  • Number of Traffic Lanes
  • Performance Requirements


  • General
  • Permission to Excavate Road
  • Excavation, Backfilling, Reinstatement and Maintenance of Excavation
    • General
    • Excavation
    • Bedding of Excavation
  • Cable Ducts
    • Cable Laying and Installation
    • Backfilling of Excavations and Reinstatements
    • Sensing Loop Slots
    • Maintenance of Drains and Services During Excavations
    • Reinstatement of Drains and Precast Units
    • Completion of Works
    • Maintenance of Excavation
  • Traffic Arrangements
    • General
    • Arrangement and Location of Signs, Barriers and Barricades
    • Temporary Flashing Warning Lamps
    • Use of Traffic Guidance Cones
    • Temporary Traffic Diversions
    • Temporary Traffic Control
    • Plant and Equipment
    • Vehicles
    • Maintenance of Signs, Lamps, Barriers, Temporary Traffic Diversions, etc.