Technical Updates: April 2011

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CKJG Technical Updates Apr2011.pdf
This technical note describes the performance of 40mm thick asphaltic concrete overlay normally used to resurface paved roads in Peninsular Malaysia. A model has been developed that predicts the effectiveness of the 40mm overlays as a rehabilitation technique based on the conditions of the pavements before overlay ( in terms of crack intensity and pavement deflection) and the traffic flow after the overlay. The results indicate that the overlays tend to recrack in no time and that they are only partially successful in preventing cracks propagating through the overlay even if it is laid on good existing pavements.


The surface condition surveys of a road pavement regularly carried out after a road has been resurfaced revealed that the overlays normally tend to deteriorate in the form of cracking. The intensity of the cracking is normally categorised as follows:
- Single crack
- Multiple crack – not connected
- Multiple crack – interconnected
- Crocodile cracking

Single.jpg Multiple.jpg Crocodile.jpg

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