Technical Updates: September 2011

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The drill piles or screw piles with helicoid wing at the bottom for screwing into the ground are widely used in many countries such as Japan, Australia and also in Europe. This type of pile can take higher load capacity compared to a straight pile, length for length. Drill piles system is an environmental friendly method that generates minimal noise, vibration and waste soil. Its easy and rapid installation gives more advantages to the system. As the construction industries grow, drill piles may become the new innovation that can be adapted to the projects in Malaysia.


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Drill piles or screw piles have been used in construction for over 200 years. It became one of the greatest types of foundations used throughout the world. It is an alternative solution to the geotechnical problem arises especially for subsurface conditions.

Most historians agree that drill pile foundations were introduced as a full-scale practical foundation system by Alexander Mitchell (1780-1868), an Irish builder and brick manufacturer. The concept of drill piles by Mitchell as early as 1831 was to solve the problem of providing good foundations for lighthouses in soft soil. One of it had been used for Sands Lighthouse which was located at very unstable bank near the entrance of the river in England. There were several other constructions using drill piles especially in construction of lighthouses in Virginia, Florida and other states.

This "emerging technology" was imported to Australia in 1872 and used to build the "Cape Jaffa Lighthouse" erected to alert ships of the Margaret Brock Reef off the South Australian coast. The oldest known functioning drill piles structure in Australia is the Victor Harbour Jetty, known as the "Screw Pile Jettyā€¯ in South Australia which was built in 1881. Similarly in India, the drill piles were used in piers and railway bridges and associated structures. In the late 1800's Japan also began utilising the drill piles for similar applications.

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