The Construction of Road Accident Analysis and Database System in Malaysia, (4th IRTAD CONFERENCE, Seoul, Korea, 16-17 September 2009)

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The number of fatalities due to road accidents in Malaysia has been consistently above 6,000 over the past few years. Although the fatality index and rates are declining, the actual figure is still at an alarming stage. In order to help in reducing the number of road accident and fatalities, the availability of a reliable and comprehensive road accident database and analysis system is critical to understand the pattern of accident causation. The Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) plays a major role in road accident data collection and throughout the years, there has been an abundance of data available for analysis. However, the existing road accident system in Malaysia is more focused onto record management and basic data analysis. A new advanced data analysis system has been developed to take advantage of the available accident data. Road accident characteristics gathered by RMP were structured and segregated into a new comprehensive database system. Better structured data will create conditions for deeper analysis, aiding in the formulation of evidence-based research on road safety and enabling better road safety interventions as well as performance monitoring.


Road accident surveillance system, Police report, Road accident database, Road safety intervention, Performance monitoring

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