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  • Cover jilid 8 no2.pdf
  • Seismic Performance of Prestressed Concrete Piers
  • A Study On The Use Of Oil Palm Fiber In Rubberized Stone Mastic Asphalt
  • Bus Safety In Thailand
  • Development Of A Precast Concrete Lining Technique Using Prestressed Concrete Structures


Jan Johnston
President, REAAA


One of the major objectives of REAAA is technology transfer, getting the results of new research and investigations quickly into the hands of practitioners so that the benefits can be realised with minimum delay. This journal is one of the key ways in which we disseminate new findings. Another way is by "face to face" communication at workshops and conferences. I am delighted to have the opportunity of combining these two methods on this occasion.

Every three years or so, at the conclusion of each Presidential term, REAAA conducts a major international conference. The 16th Conference was held in Tokyo in September 2000, under the leadership of my predecessor, Dr. Sadamu Mino. A feature of each conference is the presentation of awards to the most outstanding papers. In order that these papers reach the widest possible audience we are publishing the award winning papers in this issue of the Journal.

The Katahira Awards

The awards were established in memory of the late Dr. Nobutaka Katahira, who was President of REAAA in the mid 1980s. He had a vision to promote excellence among young engineers and left a legacy of 3 million yen for this purpose. The Council has placed the focus on encouraging young professionals to develop their skills and disseminate their ideas through a set of eligibility criteria.

The current eligibility criteria are:

  1. The author must be under 40 years of age at the time of the submission of the paper (when there is more than one author, only the authors under 40 are eligible).
  2. The author must be a member of the REAAA or an employee of an institutional member at the time of the submission of the paper;
  3. Only papers contributed to the REAAA Conference, papers published in the REAAA Journal between REAAA conferences, and papers presented at REAAA sponsored activities (workshops, seminars, etc.) between REAAA conferences are eligible; and
  4. Papers must not have been published elsewhere in the same form.

The judging panel for the awards to be presented at the 1Oth conference comprised:

  • Dr. lan Johnston (Chairman, Technical Committee) Chairman of the Judging Panel
  • Dr. Dennis Ganendra (Honorary Secretary General)
  • Mr. Katsunori Miyahara (Chairman, Katahira Fund Committee)
  • Mr. Yukihiko Sumiyoshi (Chairman of the Scientific Committee in the 1Oth Conference Executive Committee)

The Winners

Dr. Hotaka Katahira, the son of the late Dr. Nobutaka Katahira, returned to Japan from the USA, where he now resides, especially to-present the awards to the winners on behalf of his late father. Dr. Hotaka's presence added great significance to the occasion.

Some 60 papers were short-listed for consideration of the awards. The technical merit, the originality of the work reported and the relevance of the paper to the countries in the region served by REAAA were the three criteria applied by the judging panel.

The judging panel was unable to select a single winner so two outstanding papers were chosen. The first was a paper to the 1Oth Conference. Mr. Nobumasa Suzuki of Japan received an award for his paper entitled "Seismic Performance of Prestressed Concrete Piers". The second was a paper published in this Journal between the 9th and 1Oth Conferences. Professor Radin Umar RS of Malaysia received an award for his paper entitled "A Study on the Use of Oil Palm Fibre in Rubberised Stone Mastic Asphalt". Both authors received a certificate and a cheque of US$1 ,000.

In view of the numerous excellent papers received, the judging panel decided to present a further two "highly commended" awards of US$500 each to two other authors. The first highly commended paper was authored by Dr. Weederaj Cheewapattananuwong of Thailand entitled "Bus Safety in Thailand". The second award went to Mr. Kazuoyoshi Nishikawa of Japan for his paper entitled "Development of a Precast Concrete Lining Technique Using Prestressed Concrete Structures".

The four papers are presented in this Journal.