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Road Safety Engineering and Environment Research Centre (REER)

Road Safety Engineering and Environment Research Centre (REER) in MIROS mainly conduct researches and operational activities to help in ensuring the roads and its environment are safe for all users. The centre is administratively divided into three research units with each unit has their specific scope to look at. The units in REER and their functions are:

Accident Database System and Analysis Unit (ADSA)

  • Crash data custodian to assist research, problem statement formulation, positioning of priorities and indication of impact
  • Provide a continuously updated national road crash and road traffic injury database
  • Undertake diagnostic analysis on road accidents and assessment of safety interventions
  • dentify crash characteristics, trend, forecasting and perform modelling

Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering Unit (TRAPTER)

  • Undertake diagnostic analysis on road designs and road environment
  • Develop traffic models on traffic and transportation facilities
  • Road risk assessment and reduction of road hazards
  • Road and traffic management to reduce risks

Exposure Control and Travel Survey Unit (ECOST)

  • Carry out annual surveys on vehicles to assess their Vehicle Kilometre Travelled (VKT) and Passenger Kilometre Travelled (PKT) rate.
  • Exposure and risk analysis
  • Modal split and travel behaviour influence to risks
  • Land use matters and influence to risks

Research in 2010

(16th World Road Meeting, International Road Federation (IRF), Lisboa, Portugal, 25-28 May, 2010)

(MIROS Research Report 5)

New Zealand